How To Investigate And Fix A Washing Machine That Does Not Spin

21 June 2017
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Most homeowners have their own washing machines in their home to help them clean their laundry. If you are dependent on your top loading washing machine, then you may be unhappy when the appliance stops working. Washing machines can break or stop working for a variety of reasons and the inability of the tub to spin is one of the most common issues that homeowners experience. If you notice this issue, then keep reading to learn how you can troubleshoot and fix the problem. Read More 

Smelly Food In The Fridge: 4 Repairs To Keep Items Fresh

26 August 2016
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You shouldn't have to hesitate and hold your head back each time you open the refrigerator door. If you've begun to fear the smell of spoiled or bad foods from your fridge, then there is likely a bigger problem than just keeping the leftover Chinese food stored in there for a little too long. Many different parts and elements go into regulating the temperatures and conditions of a fridge. If you find that food is spoiling and smells are piling up, then you may have to contact an appliance repair technician. Read More 

When Your Air Conditioner Just Can’t Keep Up

1 July 2015
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If it seems like no matter how long your air conditioner runs, the house just never seems to get any cooler, then you have a problem with your system. There are several things that could be causing your issue, and by taking a quick peak at this article, you can ensure that the repair person will be properly prepared when they come for their appointment. Rapid Cycling Rapid cycling is when your air conditioner keeps turning on and off without really accomplishing anything. Read More 

Dress To Impress: 5 Home Improvements That Are Sure To Attract Renter Interest

22 June 2015
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With over 100 million renters in the United States, there are plenty of prospects out there to tap into. But you can bet that there are many people out there who are looking to rent their home out just like you are – so you've got some competition to think about. To stand out from the other rentals in your neighborhood, you'll probably want to make a few updates before putting it on the market. Read More