Smelly Food In The Fridge: 4 Repairs To Keep Items Fresh

26 August 2016
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You shouldn't have to hesitate and hold your head back each time you open the refrigerator door. If you've begun to fear the smell of spoiled or bad foods from your fridge, then there is likely a bigger problem than just keeping the leftover Chinese food stored in there for a little too long. Many different parts and elements go into regulating the temperatures and conditions of a fridge. If you find that food is spoiling and smells are piling up, then you may have to contact an appliance repair technician. These workers can inspect a fridge and replace parts to ensure that it is running correctly. There are four main causes to these issues and understanding the different problems can help you plan out the solutions and prepare for different elements like the cost or length of the repair.

Refrigerator Circulation

For food to stay fresh and cooled down, a fridge needs proper circulation. Circulation of cold air is typically provided by one or more fans installed in the fridge. When these fans malfunction, the air cannot get properly circulated. You may notice that foods near the back of the fridge are staying colder than the front. A repair technician can examine the fan on the fridge. In some cases, gunk, frost, or debris build-up may have caused to temporarily jam. By cleaning the fan, it can operate properly and cool off the items in your fridge.

The refrigerator fan may have also has a component failure. A wire could have shorted out or the fan motor may have just died. In this case, the fan will be replaced by a new one. The newer fan can run more efficiently and help spread the cold air around. Keeping foods and drinks away from the fan will also help it circulate the air a lot easier.

Temperature Controls

The coldness in your fridge is often adjusted through a temperature control panel near the top of the fridge. When these temperature controls fail or are not set properly, you could be dealing with temperatures that are too warm. A repair technician can help calibrate your temperature controls to ensure that everything is being cooled off accurately. By using professional thermometer tools, the fridge settings can be matched up to provide the proper cooling. Ideally, a refrigerator should be set around 35 degrees Fahrenheit. This will keep foods cool enough without freezing them. If the calibration does not work, then the repair technician may need to install a new temperature sensor for the fridge.

Leaking Water

If water is leaking in your refrigerator, then it could be getting on various food products and causing the bad smells in your appliance. Water leaks can come from a number of sources and should be inspected to help prevent damage to fridge components or flooring underneath your fridge. If you have a water dispenser, then the leaking water could be coming from this component. The water line or drainage pan could have leaks in it. A repair technician can test the water line and find the exact location of the leak. By replacing the water line, your items can remain dry and the smells will be eliminated from the fridge.

Storage Bins

The storage bins in your refrigerator are usually designed for specific uses. For example, one bin may be used for meats while another is used for fruits. If the bins have cracks or holes, then it can cause issues with proper refrigeration and result in smelly odors. The bins can be replaced, but a technician may be needed if there are problems with the rolling tracks for the bins. By fixing this area, the bins can close properly and reduce the number of odors in your fridge.

Don't let odors get out of hand. Cleaning out your fridge before the technician arrives can help make the conditions ideal for repairs. Contact a company like Goldman  Appliances Inc for more assistance.