Dryer Eating Your Clothes? Check Out These Possible Causes

10 October 2018
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Your favorite t-shirt goes missing. You could swear someone is stealing your underwear. Your favorite pair of socks is no longer a pair because you only have one of them. Is there a thief in the house with a weird fetish for your clothing articles? Maybe, but it's more likely that your clothes dryer is eating your clothes. People joke about washers and dryers who must be eating their articles of clothing, but there is some seriousness to the humor. Read More 

Washing Your Washer? How To Do It And Why It Is Important

19 July 2018
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If you are reading this and convinced that the title is a typo, you probably have not yet deep cleaned your clothes washer. You also may not really understand how to clean it or why it is important that you do so.  Why wash a washing machine?  Washing machines put up with a lot of dirt. Even worse, they are often inundated with too much laundry detergent or softener, as well as harsh chemicals like bleach. Read More 

Washing Machine Maintenance And Signs You Need A New Machine

6 February 2018
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Many laundry machines are constantly going with items for somebody in the family. Being such an important appliance in the home, it's important to keep it running its best. Here are some simple maintenance tips and signs that you might need another machine.  Washing machine maintenance There are plenty of things that you can do at home to help your washing machine last as long as possible. Some simple maintenance steps that you can take are: Read More