Washing Machine Maintenance And Signs You Need A New Machine

6 February 2018
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Many laundry machines are constantly going with items for somebody in the family. Being such an important appliance in the home, it's important to keep it running its best. Here are some simple maintenance tips and signs that you might need another machine. 

Washing machine maintenance

There are plenty of things that you can do at home to help your washing machine last as long as possible. Some simple maintenance steps that you can take are:

Checking the hoses

Look for cracks or bulges in the washing machine hoses. If they do leak and have cracks, it's time to replace the hose. After your machine is a couple of years old, you should check the hoses every month, but they typically need to be replaced every few years. Luckily, it's a relative simple, inexpensive job. 

Not overfilling your washing machine

When you have a lot of laundry to do, it can be easy to fill it up until you can barely close the door. Unfortunately, this will cause the machine to get out of balance. It can also prevent your clothes from turning and damage the washer. 

Cleaning the mesh filter

Clean the mesh filter every year. Look at your owner's manual to learn how to do this on your particular model. 

Is it time to replace your washing machine?

At a certain point, it's time to stop getting repairs done and simply replace your entire washing machine. Regular maintenance will significantly prolong the life of your washing machine, but maintenance can't make your appliance last forever. Here are the signs you need an entirely new washing machine:

The washing machine is old

Washing machines typically last eleven years. When your washing machine is getting close to this age, know that it doesn't have much life in it. 

Excessive leaking

Leaks happen, and they usually involve a simple fix. However, if it keeps leaking over and over again, it may be something serious. If your leaks are the result of a broken drum, the repair can be more expensive than a new appliance. 

Expensive utility bills

New appliances have the advantage of being more energy-efficient than older models. Look for a washing machine that has the Energy Star label. These appliances will generally use 30% less energy and 50% less water. You will see significant changes in your utility bills, especially if you have a family that always needs clean laundry. It might take longer for the laundry to get done, but it's well worth it! 

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