4 Replacement Parts Used For Dishwasher Leak Repair

12 May 2020
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If your dishwasher has started to let water out, whether at the front, underneath, or even in the under-sink cupboard, you'll agree it's a fairly urgent situation. After all, you can't wash your dishes in a machine that will actively cause water damage at the same time. But what does fixing a dishwasher leak involve?

In many cases, a quick visit from an appliance repair professional can solve the issue. Here are some of the materials and parts your appliance services professional may use to repair a dishwasher leak.

1. Door sealing gaskets or latches

If your dishwasher has a leak around the door, the water is likely escaping through the gasket. This could be simply due to a damaged or worn out gasket that doesn't seal well anymore. In this case, a quick gasket replacement will set things to rights.

However, the dishwasher door's latch could also allow water out around the gasket if it doesn't seal the door tightly, so your repair professional should also check out the door latch and may need to replace it with a new one.

2. New drain hose sections

In some cases, a dishwasher could be gushing water because of an air gap issue with the drain, which may be caused by a clog. Your appliance professional can use a drain unclogging device to pull out any debris. In other cases, the appliance could be leaking through the drain hose itself, in which case your professional may need to bring along a replacement hose.

3. New pump seal

Like the door seal, the sealing mechanism around the dishwasher's pump is typically a gasket that can wear out or become damaged. If your dishwasher is leaking in this area, a new pump seal may be one of the components needed for an effective repair. To avoid electrical hazards, call a repair professional and keep the appliance switched off until after the repair.

4. Inlet valve replacement

If the leak isn't coming from an obvious place like the door gasket or the pump seal, your repair professional will have to check other parts like the inlet valve. The inlet valve can fail and start to leak in some cases, in which case it will need to be replaced with a new inlet valve.

These are just a few of the replacement parts your appliance repair professional may need in order to repair a dishwasher that's leaking. As you can see, the necessary items can vary based on the origin point of the leak and which part's failure caused the leak to start.