Replacing The Gasket On Your Fridge Door

29 April 2017
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Having access to a functional refrigerator makes it easier for you to keep perishable foods in your home. Modern refrigerators are fitted with doors that have a rubber gasket which helps to create an airtight seal. When the gasket on your fridge's door malfunctions, the freshness of the foods you store in your fridge could be compromised.

Here are three tips that you can use to help replace a faulty gasket on your refrigerator's door in the future.

1. Use a screwdriver to remove the old gasket.

Many homeowners make the mistake of thinking they can simply pull the old gasket out of their refrigerator door. It's important to recognize that the gasket is held in place by a series of screws.

Without taking the time to loosen these screws, pieces of rubber could be left behind when you remove the existing gasket. These residual rubber pieces will make it challenging for your new gasket to fit snugly into your fridge's door, so be sure that you are using a screwdriver to completely remove the old gasket from your refrigerator.

2. Fit the corners of the new gasket first.

When you have removed the old rubber gasket from your refrigerator's door and you are ready to insert a new gasket, you should always fit the corners of the new gasket first. Inserting the corners of the gasket into place and securing them with a screw will help you place your new gasket correctly into the door of your fridge.

This reduces the amount of time and effort required to install a new rubber gasket, and it also ensures that the new gasket will create an airtight seal to protect the freshness of your refrigerated foods in the future.

3. Use a hairdryer to get the new rubber gasket to expand.

Once you have completely inserted the new rubber gasket into your fridge door, you will need to ensure that the rubber has expanded to completely fill the gasket channel in order to prevent air from moving through the gasket in the future.

As you manipulate the gasket during installation, the rubber can become compressed. You can easily use a hairdryer to direct heated air at the rubber gasket in order to get it to expand fully into the gasket channel.

Knowing how to replace the rubber gasket on your fridge door can be a great way to ensure your refrigerator is able to preserve your foods efficiently in the future. Visit a site like for more information.