Signs Your Microwave Needs Repairs

8 January 2020
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Does your microwave need to be repaired for some things that have recently gone wrong with it? Does your microwave show signs of wear and tear, and are you unsure if you need to buy a new one or if it can be taken care of and repaired? Your appliance repair specialist can help you in getting your microwave back to better condition by fixing up the unit so you can safely use it again. Read More 

Are Fluctuating Temps Spoiling Your Baking? Possible Issues To Consider

26 August 2019
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If great cooks were to share their secrets for creating delicious recipes without fail, one of those would likely be a dependable oven that maintains the proper temperature. When the temperature fluctuates up too high, the surfaces of the food may scorch or overcook, while the interior is still raw and underdone. When the temperature fluctuates below the preferred setting, the food may take much longer to cook, resulting in texture issues and a lack of moisture. Read More 

Possible Reasons Your Oven Isn’t Getting Hot

17 April 2019
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It's an unpleasant surprise to start dinner and find out the oven won't heat up. There could be several causes for this problem, but an obvious thing you'll want to check is that the oven has power. If the burners work but the oven doesn't, then you know the problem is with the oven somewhere. Here are some possible causes and how they can be fixed. A Bad Heating Element Read More 

4 Ways To Find The BEST Appliance Repair Services In Your Area

9 January 2019
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Home appliances are wonderful inventions. They can help us take a busy day of housework and turn it into an efficiently-run home. That is, until the day they break. Unfortunately, even the best and newest appliances break sometimes. For that reason, appliance repair companies like American Appliance INC are in business. Finding the right appliance repair technician should not be taken lightly. If mistakes are made, big problems can be the result. Read More 

Dryer Eating Your Clothes? Check Out These Possible Causes

10 October 2018
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Your favorite t-shirt goes missing. You could swear someone is stealing your underwear. Your favorite pair of socks is no longer a pair because you only have one of them. Is there a thief in the house with a weird fetish for your clothing articles? Maybe, but it's more likely that your clothes dryer is eating your clothes. People joke about washers and dryers who must be eating their articles of clothing, but there is some seriousness to the humor. Read More